Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 has arrived with a BANG!

Broken pipe leaking in our bedroom wall... detected Jan. 1st. Smells awful and I can't sleep in my own bed, both water heaters went out = no hot water in the house... Jan. 7th, getting fixed today, driving to soccer 4 days a week now, yes, I said 4 @#%^ DAYS A WEEK!!, breathe...... (why again does my kid like soccer so much! And remember that is on top of all other activities my kids seem to love and enjoy. Only reason we are doing them. Wrecked on my brand new bike... ok really just fell over because I couldn't un-click my shoes from the pedals. Massive bruises, cuts, scrapes, bruised ego. You can laugh, I would. Bobcat hiding out in our front yard bushes. Tried to get one of Jackson's friends... I swear I live in the freakin ZOO. Scared to go outside. A bobcat really??? Haven't seen my hubby since Jan. 1st, only at church, sitting up on the stand if that counts. His work load is ridiculous! BUUTTT.... 2012 is an even year and they always tend to go better for me. I think it is going to be a good one. Don't you?


Shari said...

You could schedule an interview with him :) That would get you some hubby time. And I don't need to tell you we have all been there: slow-motion, can't do anything because I'm clipped into my bike, hello-pavement if you can call that a crash/fall!

Stephanie said...

Oh Steph! So sorry. I hope 2012 treats you better from here on out!